Lentiszombathely energy community: first focus group discussion

On May 29, 2024, the first focus group meeting related to the creation of the Lentiszombathely energy community was held, the purpose of which is to present the energy community that is being prepared here, and to discuss the suggestions and comments of local stakeholders. We specifically invited participants to the event organized within the framework of the ESINERGY project supported by the Danube Interreg program: representatives of local governments, civil organizations, universities, electricity network operators, and technical experts.

Even in the early stages of the preparation, it proved useful to initiate consultation between the various parties involved, to develop a common way of thinking. During the moderated, interactive conversation, an intense exchange of ideas took place, which, based on the feedback, created a good basis for further joint work.
At the beginning of the meeting, Imre Pácsonyi, the vice president of the Zala County Municipality, greeted those present and gave an overview of the measures and current plans implemented by the municipality in the field of energy. Afterwards, Gábor Heves (IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd.) and Veronika Kárpáti (Zala County Municipality) explained the course of the workshop and gave an overview of the ESINERGY project.

For most of the time, the participants reviewed the following questions in small groups of three or four: the stability of the energy network (i.e. what could be the cause of a power outage), what causes a power outage, what can be done about it, what is needed to manage the peak electricity output in the area strengths and obstacles, what effect does improving peak performance have on the population, industry, local government and national economy levels.
According to the plans, the current meeting will be followed by a second one in September: then, we hope, focusing on the concrete experiences of the implementation of the Lentiszombathely energy community.


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