IGEC project – Study tour in Lithuania

Within the Turkish-Greek-Lithuanian-Hungarian partnership governed Erasmus+ IGEC project, our colleagues travelled to Lithuania where they participated in an international study trip and the project partnership meeting betwwen 14-18 of November. During study visits, we had the chance in Lithuania’s most meaningful cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda) to discover outstanding environmental friendly „green” best practices. Among others, our colleagues were hosted by Fortum providing electricity with the zero-toxical-emission burning of communal waste, by Gridin’s Group using frontrunner technologies in the management of „green” technologies,  and by  Elinta, the leader company of the Lithuanian automotive sector. After study tripes, we discussed the upcoming project duties with our partners that will lead us to the main output, the esatblishment of the international green innovation and incubation center near Istanbul.


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