EDI – European Development Institute – meeting in Turkey (2019)

IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. has become a member of a new international partnership (EDI – European Development Institute).

The main purpose of EDI is to contribute The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals and the EU’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the light of an innovative, sustainable and multi-cultural approach. To this end, members (Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Slovenien, Turkish) carry out joint studies and projects together.

EDI is based in Brussels and carries out its activities by bringing 12 different institutions and 16 experts from Europe and neighbor countries together.

EDI’s activities are focused in three main categories (Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship and Startups, Future Techs)  with its experienced experts and institutional partnerships.

Our colleague, Bence Cseke and from the University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa Campus, Dr. Krisztina Keller took part in the first event of the organization, which began last week and was held in Mudany, near Bursa in Turkey.


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