ESINERGY: New Project to Reduce the Load on the Electrical Network

A new project called ESINERGY has been launched within the framework of the European Union’s Interreg Danube Region Program with the participation of our company. The aim is to identify, test and spread solutions that reduce the overload caused by feeding weather-dependent renewable energy sources into the electric power grid.

As part of the 3-year initiative that started in January 2024, 12 partners from all the Danube region countries will come together to test innovative solutions. The problem of feeding renewable energies into the grid is already receiving more and more attention in the press, and is causing a serious headache for grid operators, energy producers and regulatory authorities. In the project, we will therefore experiment with concrete solutions, report results to policy-makers, and thus support the creation of an appropriate regulatory environment.

In Hungary, within the framework of the demonstration activities, a renewable energy community will be established in Lentiszombathely, under the leadership of the Zala County Municipality and with the support of our company. In addition, our company will be task leader to share experiences with policy makers and non-pilot countries: under our guidance, the results will be presented to decision-makers in the framework of personal meetings and events in all partner countries, and new energy producers and consumers will be involved.

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