FEEDSCHOOLS project – professional day in Nagykanizsa

The staff of IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. welcomed guests from the town of Bologna (Italy) on 27 February 2019 within the FEEDSCHOOLS (Financing Environment and Energy Efficiency development in Schools) project.

In the frame of the professional day, they visited two schools (Lajos Batthyány High School, Nagykanizsa Vocational Training Center Cserháti Sándor Vocational School and Dormitory) in Nagykanizsa, where building energy aspects were examined in order to map out what work should be done in the future to make the buildings of the schools approach the “0” energy demand.

The Italian and Hungarian energy experts compared each other’s software, which is necessary for the energy audit of buildings. The aim of this was to transfer good practices and experiences.

„The FEEDSCHOOLS project aims to provide local authorities with new solutions, both technical and financial, which will help them to implement ‘nearly Zero Energy Building’ (NZEB) renovation activities in schools. The innovative approach consists in developing a transnational and holistic support toolkit and a web database of innovative best practices for NZEB renovation. FEEDSCHOOLS will also provide open lessons focused on behavioural change in schools. At least 48 energy audits will be implemented and preliminary plans for NZEB renovation of existing schools will become a reference models for the region.” (Source:

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