Lecture Series “Our Environment is Changing”

Organised on request of the Citizens of Kaposvár Association within the project “CIVIL NETWORK, cooperation for the local community” by IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd, the lecture series entitled “Our environment is changing” has been completed.

During the four occasions, we dealt with topics related to climate change and current environmental problems, such as the effects and consequences of weather change, the use of renewable energies, changes in flora and fauna, as well as waste management and drinking water management.

Our speakers were:

Lilian Fejes meteorologist, climate researcher and doctoral student at ELTE

Ms. Gerencsér Dr. Berta Renáta Pannon University Nagykanizsa – Deputy Director General of the University Center for Circular Economy, research associate

Dr. András Béres Head of the Center of the University Laboratory Center of the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Gábor Ballabás PhD., Doctor of earth sciences, geographer

Thank you for the opportunity and our speakers for the quality presentations!

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