New project launched to combat energy poverty

The “EnerTy” project launched on 1st December 2023, with the participation of IMRO, in Slovenian-Hungarian collaboration, in the framework of which – among many other activities – energy-poor households in the counties of Zala and Vas will be mapped, energy certificates will be prepared for 50 households struggling with energy poverty, and with the participation of at least six municipalities, we will develop a strategy to reduce energy poverty in the region.

What do we mean by energy poverty? Households that spend a significant part of their income (at least 15%) on expenses related to energy consumption (heating, fuel), due to low energy efficiency (e.g. uninsulated house) and low income. Based on previous research results, most of those affected could permanently escape from energy poverty if they received some form of help to reduce their home’s energy consumption and thus to moderate their expenses.

The EnergTy project gives help also in this regard: around 50 households will receive miscellaneous devices to reduce the use of electricity and heating materials. The 2 years long project is financed by the Interreg programme of the European Union. On the Hungarian side, in addition to IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd., Westpannon Nonprofit Ltd. participates in the project, and on the Slovenian side, eZavod, and Pomurje of LEA (project coordinator). The project’s kick-off meeting was held in Martjanci (Slovenia) on 19 December, at the headquarters of LEA Pomurje.

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