New project supports renewable energy communities

Shortly after the establishment of the first Hungarian renewable energy community, our company has start implementing a new project in January 2024. In the 3-year project called NRGCOM, financed by the EU’s Interreg Danube Region program, we will work together with 12 international partners to make professionals and the public aware of the opportunities inherent in renewable energy communities, we will support the development of the policy framework, as well as support pilot energy communities.

What does “renewable energy community” mean? These are local communities (i.e. grassroots associations of residents and non-profit organizations) that use locally produced renewable energy within the community. This is an important step towards strengthening the local economy and communities and towards a more efficient exploitation of renewable energy sources. The main objective of such economic and interest communities, which already have a long tradition in several countries in the western part of Europe, is not profit-making but rather social. So they use the resulting financial gains for the benefit of the community (e.g. by supporting energy efficiency measures).

The NRGCOM project aims to achieve three main objectives: 1) Supporting the development of the legal, operational and social environment of renewable energy communities, 2) Raising awareness and encouraging the population to create or join energy communities, 3) Supporting existing or planned renewable energy communities. In addition to many other activities, one of the main tasks of our company will be to create an international network of professionals. This we will support in many ways, such as exchanging experience in an online portal, organising study trips, trainings, educational materials, personal counselling, etc.

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