Regional climate protection meeting in Marosvásárhely

From 6 May until 7 May 2019. a regional meeting was organised by the Focus Eco Center (partner of the Hungarian Climate Protection Association), where our collague, Gábor Heves participated too. – The event was implemented within the framework of a climate protection program co-ordinated by the European Climate Alliance. –

The central theme of the event was the local challenges of climate change, including local water management issues and opportunities.

Thomas Brose, director of the European Climate Association, and György Laki, Vice-President of the Hungarian Climate Protection Association, were took part in the event. Beside, some member of the Hungarian Climate Protection Association were took part in too.

The participants had an opportunity to know each other activity and program in connection with sustainability. Our colleague, Gábor Heves gave a lecture on Innovative Water Management and Social Renewal in the Drava River Area

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