The Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) of the City of Lenti has been completed

It was announced at the Croatian-Hungarian EU Interreg funded SEPIaM-CC project’s closing event that the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of the City of Lenti has been completed. The document was prepared by expert contribution from IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. The Action Plan builds on the recently adopted municipal climate strategy.

The 117-page document sets out a series of key criteria and recommendations for reducing the city’s CO 2 emissions. The action plan also introduces the measures needed to adapt to the effects of climate change. For the first time in Lenti’s strategic documents, urban strategy documents, the issue of energy poverty appears as a third major topic of the action plan.

The finalisation of this document was the last activity of the SEPIaM -CC project entitled “Increasing the Capacity of Cross-Border Public Institutions in the Field of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management and Climate Change Mitigation” within the framework of the Interreg V-Hungary-Croatia Cooperation Program 2014-2020. The project itself was officially closed on February 16, 2022 at a closing conference at Thermal Hotel Balance Lenti. Speakers at the event included László Horváth, Mayor of the City of Lenti, a representative of the Zala County Enterprise Development Foundation (which coordinated the project on the Hungarian side), and Štefan Žohar, leader of the consortium in Pomurje Energy Agency in Slovenia.

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