Breaking news from Bohicon – Improvement in the field of waste management

One important aim of Bohicon – Zoerseel – IMRO cooperation is improving the waste management in Bohicon. The IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. would like to promote this goal. Our company wants to contribute to purchase of a machine for processing plastic waste into granules through the fundraising process established by the IMRO Foundation. This machine costs € 90,000 and would be purchased from Ghana.

On 1th of August, 2019, the Bohicon Municipality took the first steps to achieve this goal. Based on the information received from the director of the waste management company, they started to be collected the plastic separate. (Up to now they don’t collected separate the waste.) The name of the campaign is ECO FOOTING. Nearly 10 tons of plastic waste was collected at their independence event celebrated on August 1.

This collection represents a huge step in the waste management of the African city. We hope that thanks to our cooperation, they will be able to get a plastic waste recycling machine as soon as possible, which will continuously ensure the recycling of the collected plastic waste, thus reducing the amount of pollution and improving the living conditions of the people living in the city.


In the following link, you can see some photos about the waste problem in Bohicon. These photos was made by Zsolt Szabo in May, 2019. :

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