Climate strategy is being prepared in Nagykanizsa

Our company at the request of Nagykanizsa Municipality participate in as a professional partner in the preparation of the Climate Strategy of Nagykanizsa.

The strategy, which will be comlpy with national and international efforts to stop climate change, will be developed within the framework of the KEHOP-1.2.1-18-2018.00015 project – “Climate Change Services and Awareness Building in Nagykanizsa”.

The preparation of the climate strategy is based on three pillars (investigation of carbon dioxide emissions, adaptation, attitude).

On January 30, 2020 in Nagykanizsa, stakeholders met in a workshop on adaptation (climate change has some unavoidable effects that need to adapted). The meeting was attended by professionals from the fields of health, water, agriculture and built infrastructure, who are well aware of the climate impact of their sector.

During the meeting our CEO, Róbert Musits ​​highlighted important elements of the climate strategy of Nagykanizsa.

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