Ecological Debt Day falls on 13th August

aridityThis year the Ecolological Debt Day falls on 13th August, which means that resources needed for ensuring one-year supply for humanity have been already used up during the last seven months. Considering data from previous years, this time, we have reached the Ecolological Debt Day two months earlier than 15 years ago.

Humans are not using resources in an intelligent manner and for that reason resources of the Earth are more and more scarce. This problem was also mentioned by Róbert Musits, CEO of IMRO-DDKK Ltd., who visited Helikon Radio on last Friday. “Once we reach the Ecolological Debt Day in a year, we start to use the supplies of the next year. We are using year by year more resources which leads to serious problems, e. g. aridity, lack of drinking water, soil erosion, etc. This process can be reverted only if we change our mentality. Our organisation also aims at attracting citizens’ attention to this very serious problem in the context of EYD2015 project (The Future we want) and through the organization of the so-called Fair Play Football last June.”

(Photo taken and made available under a Creative Commons license by _Marion, source: No changes were made on the original photo.)

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