EYD2015 project meeting in Daruvar

Project Meeting in Daruvar (Croatia)On 23th July 2015, a project meeting was held in Daruvar (Croatia) in the frame of the EYD2015: The future we want project where representatives of the European Climate Alliance were also invited, such as Thomas Brose, President of the Climate Alliance or Silke Lunnebach, Coordinator of the EYD2015 project. Moreover, our organisation, IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. also attended the project meeting.

This time, project partners came together to share experiences, strengthen cooperation and optimise collaborative work, which can be only achieved if participating organisations and countries know each other better. During the one-day-meeting, besides having reviewed next steps to takes, partners had the opportunity to visit key locations for the project: the local thermal baths and the so-called “educational route” which offers visitants to acquire new knowledge through making an educative tour in a natural area.

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