IMRO-DDKK held a press conference on the EYD 2015: The future we want project

A press conference was held on last Wednesday in Nagykanizsa by IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. in collaboration with the Municipality of Nagykanizsa. During the event, representatives of the EYD 2015: The future we want project highlighted the importance of sharing good examples related to environmentally conscious thinking. The implementation of the present project is possible thanks to funding received from the European Commission under the EuropAid programme, which allowed us to carry out a wide range of awareness raising activities on environment and sustainability-related issues involving different groups of stakeholders such as kindergarten children, primary and secondary school pupils, as well as EU citizens as a whole.

Amazon rainforest

Accordingly, the EYD 2015: The future we want project focuses on these topics as well. More precisely, it aims at creating general awareness on how to preserve the flora and fauna of forests. In doing so, 16 partner organisations from 10 European countries will collaborate during the next three years.

According to Mr Róbert Musits, CEO of IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd., in the frame of the project, “representatives of South American rainforests will be invited to participate in the experience sharing meetings organised to discuss and share ideas on how European citizens can contribute to protect and preserve rainforests.”

Mr Sándor Dénes, Mayor of Nagykanizsa, added that “protecting the environment is a common social responsibility. It is crucial to start to create awareness at a very early age, consequently the programmes to be held under the EYD 2015: The future we want project address mainly kindergarten children, primary and secondary school pupils and teachers.”

The main role of adult populations is to educate children from early ages and to act in an environment-friendly manner in their daily life.

(Photo taken and made available under a Creative Commons license by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), source: No changes were made on the original photo.) 

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