IMRO-DDKK Non-profit Ltd. Becomes a Member of the European Climate Alliance

The Frankfurt-based European Climate Alliance accepted the membership request of our company IMRO-DDKK Non-profit Ltd., so we became a member of the international organisation in February 2015. Founded in 1990, the European Climate Alliance is a network of local communities that are committed to protecting the climate of our Earth. The members of the Alliance (over 1700 local governments and communities from 24 countries) have set the goal of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in their area. Our company has had contact with the Climate Alliance since 2011; our activities have included coordinating the participation of Nagykanizsa in various Climate Alliance programmes in cooperation with Kaán Károly Environmental Association. Our acceptance as a member of the organisation is the acknowledgement of the work that we have been doing for years to raise awareness of environmental and climate issues. As committed campaigners of sustainable development, we will continue to give high priority to these tasks in the future.

Our company is also participating in the transnational project EYD2015 “The Future we want” as a project partner, further strengthening our cooperation with the Climate Alliance.

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