“Nagykanizsa, the green city” – environment-friendly conference

On October 3, 2019, the Nagykanizsa City Development Ltd. organized an environmental-friendly conference (“Nagykanizsa, the green city”).

The green town of Nagykanizsa is characterized by the forests of the area, the vineyards and the well-kept gardens of the inner areas. For Kanizsa, it could be a breakthrough if it became a model for sustainability in the future. This is due to its geographical location and the fact that it has a much larger green area than the national average. Sustainability has never been so dominant in European thinking. – László Balogh, chairman of the Human Committe

István Horváth, Project Manager of Nagykanizsa City Development Ltd. said that within the framework of the current project (TOP-6.3.2-15-NA1-2016-00001 – Green City-Green Nagykanizsa), Eötvös Square, Deák Square and two parking lots, St. Joseph’s Square in front of the Lower Church, as well as the parts in front of the University are being renewed. After the renovations, you will have unobstructed access to the Boating Lake from the city center by bicycle.

In addition to developments in the city, the conference also discussed climate strategy in Zala County and Nagykanizsa, which was presented by Róbert Musits, CEO of IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd.

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