Turkish, Greek and Lithuanian partners on a study trip in Nagykanizsa

Between the 17-19 of July, IMRO-DDKK Non-profit Ltd. hosted the Turkish-Greek-Lithuanian partners of the Erasmus+ IGEC (International Green Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center) project. After the Istanbul kick-off in May, our company took upon itself the duty to organize theDSC09568 first study trip whose main aim is to present local green entrepreneurship and environmentally-friendly business solutions for the partnership. During the three day-long trip, firstly, we visited the green campus of the Budapest Business University in Zalaegerszeg famous for its “zero” fossil energy utility system, that was followed by the best practice presentation of the also “zero” fossil energy Aqua-Four water management Ltd. and the local Asset Management Plc. and its “green” support schemes in Nagykanizsa. At the end of the study trip, Soós Ernő Water Research Center and the water-managing Hidrofilt Ltd. – as meaningful local stakeholders – elaborated us their professional activities. With the advancement of the project, our colleagues are going to participate in two more study trips in Greece and Lithuania (in September and in October) that will be followed by the strategy-building and and the execution of the related practical steps to lanch the international “green” center.

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