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How to step out of the trap of energy costs?

For the perceived reducing of energy costs we need to significantly reduce the energy consumption. This can be done through:

  • the modernization of thermal power generation and user system, increasing efficiency
  • the partial replacement of costly fossil energy for free energy and for renewable energy resources
  • reduction of energy consumption (insulation, upgrading lighting)

First, the existing, inefficient, sometimes decades old boilers, water heaters should be replaced with a modern, high-efficiency, efficient equipment. At least as important are the renovations which include the building’s insulation, window replacement and installation of the heat regain.

A good move is the partial replacement of the dictated power consumption network for a locally produced, often free energy carrier. The generally used primary energy sources (electricity, natural gas) are received by wire and the service provider raises prices without consulting the consumer.

In some renewable energy carriers (solar, geothermal), the energy carrier itself has no price.

The energy cost reductions and the above mentioned three solutions all require major investment funds but the enterprises often have fewer resources for modernization. Therefore, in addition to the existing resources it may be expedient to participate in available tenders and the involvement of financial institutions.

Our company helps to overcome the costs

  • assesses energy systems
  • makes proposals for alternative opportunities for achievement
  • provides a fast connection to access the resources through tenders
  • if demanded, we organize and transact the engineering project designed purpose
  • you get a proposal about the in advanced calculated project funding opportunities
  • you get help in obtaining detailed energy plans and energy sometimes audits
  • we are responsible for writing a complete application and its implementation
  • we have an idea for providing own resources
  • if you have problems with the professional transaction of public procurement, we recommend our strategic partner