IMRO organised StartUp Academy kick-off meeting in Nagykanizsa

On December 1, the Erasmus+ Programme-funded StartUp Academy project officially has been launched under coordination of IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. The project gathers five partner organisations from Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Greece and Spain with different competences and references in the fields of adult and/or entrepreneurial education in order to develop and mainstream an accelerator programme addressing young adults with innovative business ideas residing in rural areas of project countries.

The Nagykanizsa Campus of University of Pannonia hosted the project’s kick-off meeting on December 14 which has been moderated by IMRO-DDKK. The main objective of this first transnational project meeting was, on one hand, to bring together partner organisations so that staff working on the project had the possibility to get to known each other. On the other hand, partners discussed and agreed on the most important procedures to set up ensuring that implementation of the two-year project will be successful. The most important steps to take during the first six project months have been also discussed and indicative deadlines have been also scheduled.

Besides, the one-day meeting was a great opportunity for partners to share experiences in terms of entrepreneurship education and they found that there are many similarities in partner countries when it comes to needs and problems young generations are currently dealing with. Ms Kinga Kónya, Coordinator of the StarUp Academy project, stressed that “there is an increasing need for improving entrepreneurship education in partner countries and the main aim of the StartUp Academy project is to equip young, potential innovators with skills and competences they might need for putting their business ideas into practice“. She also added that the project “seeks to boost economic growth in project regions through providing support to the most relevant ideas likely to create new job opportunities“.

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