Experiences gained through preparing energy efficiency investment plans for residential buildings in South- and Western Transdanubia

IMRO-DDKK participated in the elaboration of a number of energy efficiency investment plans under the Hungarian “Home Warmth” programme which aims at fostering energy efficiency investment options among residential buildings. Our organisation has offered support, guidance and help to residential buildings willing to invest in new, energy-efficient solutions. Our experts have elaborated about 25 investment plans (including cost-benefit analyses and calculations, technical assessment and planning, etc.) for buildings from the South-Transdanubian regions.

In most cases, our energy efficiency experts were able to prepare comprehensive energy investment plans by ensuring reduction of current CO2 emission levels through energy savings in participating households, varying from 20 to 40 % compared to current consumption levels.

Some interesting statistical data we found while preparing these investment plans are as follows:

  • The oldest residential building we worked with was built in 1967. Most of them was constructed before 1980.
  • Most of the participating buildings have about 15 apartments while the largest had 60 apartments
  • In most cases, these were built in the 60’s or 70’s and they had staircases, and up to 4 floors. A 20% of residential buildings has an underground floor as well.
  • Most of buildings had flat roof and for heating, most of them use individual gas convectors.

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