What happens with food waste? – How to be a conscious consumer?

According to data published by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) over 1.3 million tons of food waste are being generated a year. This amount equals to about 30% of global food production.

At European level, about 29 million tons of dairy products are wasted annually, which corresponds to 20% of global milk production. According to data made available by the Hungarian Food Bank, about 400.000 tons of food is wasted annually only in Hungary.

Did you know food wastethat 42% of Hungarian families tend to throw away food? From 10 consumers 8 claim that they have thrown away food due to loss of quality while about 2 persons say that this is because of the date of expiry. Hungarian households waste mainly bread, cooked food, vegetables and fruits, meat and liquid food, as stated by a study carried out by Tetra Pak. This study also showed that 4 % of surveyed people throws away food each day, while 27% does the same at least once per week and other 11% at least once per month. Food waste is composed mainly of bead (53%) and cooked food (43%).

The survey also concluded that only 30% of Hungarians decompose or reuse food for feeding animals.

There is an ever-increasing need to change our consumption habits and to be more conscious when buying food.

(Photo taken and made available under a Creative Commons license by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, source: No changes were made on the original photo.) 

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