Preservation of rainforests is our responsibility

9 August is declared by the United Nations as the International Day of World Indigenous Peoples. On this occasion, native leaders of the Amazonian rainforests raise attention to the increase of CO2 levels as a consequence of deforestation.

Preservation of rainforests is a global challenge being the whole society responsible for problems arising from phenomena such as structural changes in consumption habits or overconsumption. There are a number of organisations such as REDD+ or RIA committed to struggle against the disappearance of Amazonian rainforests which currently occupy about 2.4 millions square km in the Amazon Basin. This territory is eight times larger than Italy.

Disappearance of rainforests is the second largest problem leading to global warming and 15% of current GHG emissions is due to the disappearance of rainforests. For that reason, preservation of rainforests is a key issue when talking about climate change.

RIA is an organisation struggling against large corporations with the aim of reducing GHG emissions and fostering social wellbeing of indigenous people residing in these geographic areas and thus, contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem.

The RIA not cop21only averts greenhouse gas emissions, it brings widespread social benefits through the protection and legal recognition of indigenous homelands while safeguarding the abundance of ecosystem services that forests provide,” said Thomas Brose, Executive Director of the Climate Alliance. About 1 million square kilometres have been already officially recognised which is an important result, however more efforts are needed. These territories are inhabited by a number of persons on one hand, and on the other, they have a significant role in the fight against climate change.

Climate change and preservation of rainforests will be some of the main topics to be discussed during the UN Climate Talks in Paris to be held in December 2015.

This conference will be crucial regarding future climate policies since a multilateral agreement has to be adopted for keeping global warming below 2 °C.

(Photo taken and made available under a Creative Commons license Ron Mader, source: No changes were made on the original photo.)

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