Regional conference on sustainability held in Nagykanizsa

On 17th April, a regional conference was organized by the Municipality of Nagykanizsa in collaboration with IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. and the Association for a Sustainable Future in the frame of the EU-funded project “Local Authorities acting for the MDGs – Europe for more development”. Under this project, Nagykanizsa aims at providing support to local educational institutions in carrying out activities enabling current young generations to be more committed with their environment and thus fostering environmentally-conscious thinking among young people.

According to Róbert Musits, Managing Director of IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd. “in education, it is extremely important to involve both children and parents. A wide range of programmes focused on sustainability issues have been implemented in participating educational institutions. Institutions were free to choose any related-subject such as the importance of consuming local products, separate waste management or environment-friendly transport. In conclusion, a number of ways of sustainable thinking were adopted in these programmes.”

During the conference a number of presentations were made on sustainability-related activities carried out by the participating educational institutions. Moreover an intervention has also made on sustainability and future planning by Dr. Béla Turi-Kovács, Vice-President of the Commission for Sustainable Development of the Hungarian Parliament. He stated that “policy makers plan for four years, consequently civil organisations and educational institutions are mainly responsible for implementing initiatives allowing to make realistic plans regarding sustainability and development.”

See the short video resuming the conclusions of the conference (in Hungarian).

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