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Completed projects


Back to nature: The project aimed to develop experimental, nature-friendly, innovative pedagogies for schools. Handbooks are available to download in our website (Letölthető anyagok/ Back to nature/ Handbook).


StartUp Academy: The project contributed to the acquisition of the skills needed to turn a business idea into a business between the ages of 18 and 35.


EE SUN: The EE SUN project has contributed to the sustainable development of border areas by contributing to the reduction of residential carbon dioxide emissions. The project provided support for condominiums in the border region. 24 buildings (12 Hungarian and 12 Croatian) were involved in the analysis of energy efficiency, conclusions and common methodology.


Hulladékvadász: The “Hulladékvadász” (Waste Hunter) project promoted sustainable living among children, contributing to the development of an environmentally conscious approach. As part of the project, the involved schoolchildren and kindergartens participated in field trips and lectures. In addition, they received 1-1 color booklet, which helped shape their view. (The project was implemented within the framework of the KEOP-2009-6.1.0 / A application of the Environment and Energy Operational Program “Campaigns Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle and Related Behaviors (Attitudes, Information, Training)”)


Klímabarát: The “KlímaBarát” (Climate Friendly) project has contributed to the promotion of sustainable lifestyles through a complex regional campaign for the general public, primary schools and policy makers. Within the framework of the project was launched lectures, television programs and newspaper advertisements in connection with sustainability. Project realization area: Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg, Keszthely, Letenye, Kaposvár, Dombóvár. (KEOP-6.1.0 / B / 09-2009-0021)


ZöldSzempont Tanácsadó Iroda: The activities of the ZöldSzemPont Consulting Office include personal, free general counseling, lectures, quizzes, competitions (drawing, essay, photo), organizing and conducting workshops, organizing environmental awareness events and participating in national and international projects. (KEOP-6.1.0/B/11-2011-0101)


EYD2015 – „The future we want – Local Authorities for sustainable development”: Climate Alliance’s project, “EYD2015: The future we want – Local Authorities for Sustainable Development”, focused on the European Year for Development 2015 (EYD2015) and served to heighten citizens’ awareness of development issues as well as promote active engagement with major development debates.
Via the project, the 16 project partners from 10 European countries, gave citizens and politicians a deeper understanding of global interdependencies by calling into question European overconsumption of natural resources and showing the way toward more responsible and globally fair consumption habits.
Three Handbook are available to download in our website (Letölthető anyagok / EYD2015- „THE FUTURE WE WANT”)


Water Agent V003: The aims of the project was at raising awareness about water management among pupils in three Central European countries: Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. It has been developed by Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE), IREAS and IMRO , and funded by the Visegrad fund. Within the framework of the project the partners produced a handbook for elementary school teachers in the respective countries. This handbook helps the teachers bring the environmental topics such as water governance into the common educational system. It explores water management divided into tree basic sections: i) water in the landscape, ii) water consumption in households and iii) water in the city.