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2020-08-31read more

Attitude-forming stand in Hévíz

On behalf of the Local Government of the City of Hévíz, our company took part in the Hévíz Wine and Gastro Corridor with an attitude-forming (environmentally conscious) stand between 20-23 August 2020. Our colleagues and an environmental engineer, Kata Horváth waited for the adults and children during the event. We and Kata gave them various Tovább olvasom…

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Online project meeting – Green Line

On May 18, 2020 it was a online project meeting within the framework of Green Line project. A “twinning” meeting was held on Monday morning, with the aim of mutual transfer of knowledge and experience between the Hungarian and Slovenian partners. In addition to the project partners, Hungarian and Slovenian municipal employees also took part Tovább olvasom…

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Wat.Edu project newsletter

In this year within the framework of the Wat.Edu project it started the testing the proposed non formal education approach of the first part of project, in which the partners designed interactive activities for students. The feedbacks from the students are only positiv. For example: „I found some activities difficult. It´s something different than typical Tovább olvasom…

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IMRO Foundation – roundtable discussion in Nagykanizsa

Our Foundation, the IMRO Foundation, was waiting for a round table discussion at the István Halis Town Library in Nagykanizsa. The event featured the Foundation’s humanitarian efforts, travel experiences in Africa, and charity initiatives. Thank you for your participation. Website: Facebook: IMRO Fund- Smart Water/ Smart Cities/ Smart People

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Climate strategy is being prepared in Nagykanizsa

Our company at the request of Nagykanizsa Municipality participate in as a professional partner in the preparation of the Climate Strategy of Nagykanizsa. The strategy, which will be comlpy with national and international efforts to stop climate change, will be developed within the framework of the KEHOP-1.2.1-18-2018.00015 project – “Climate Change Services and Awareness Building Tovább olvasom…

2019-12-29read more

RenoHUb project has started

Our company participates in a new project called RenoHUb. The aim of the project is to contribute to the significant transformation and sustainability of the energy supply of Hungarian households. This goal will be supported by the development of a Renovation HUb model based on a “one-stop shop” scheme, which will provide one window to Tovább olvasom…

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Your future- in your hands

Your future in your hands! A new educational leaflet targeting children aged 10-14 years was published as part of the Change the Power – (Em)Power to Change project. The leaflet includes short interviews by six children from all around the world. These six children, representing six continents, talk about six environmental issues. They tell the reader Tovább olvasom…

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Working luch with the hungarian consul of Namibia, Mauritius, Madagascar and Croatia

Our Foundation, the IMRO Foundation, hosted consuls from three African countries. The company we set up wants to help with water supply, waste management and education in Benin and Senegal. Within the framework of the working lunch our CEO, Róbert Musits ​​presented the Foundation’s activities to date and future aspirations. In addition, the participants sought Tovább olvasom…

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4th twinning meeting of Green Line

Between 21-22 of October 2019 our CEO Róbert Musits and our colleagues Judit Vinhoffer and Gábor Heves took part in the 4th twinning meeting of the Green Line projekt. The program was held in Martjanci in Slovenia. On 21st of October the 4th twinning meeting was organized by LEA Pomurje in Slovenia. During the meeting Tovább olvasom…

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“Nagykanizsa, the green city” – environment-friendly conference

On October 3, 2019, the Nagykanizsa City Development Ltd. organized an environmental-friendly conference (“Nagykanizsa, the green city”). The green town of Nagykanizsa is characterized by the forests of the area, the vineyards and the well-kept gardens of the inner areas. For Kanizsa, it could be a breakthrough if it became a model for sustainability in Tovább olvasom…