FRESH A.I.R. – New winds in Environmental Education

Within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation of Austria- Hungary 2007-2013, won support to the construction of FRESH AIR project, in which the Municipality of Nagykanizsa and the Nagykanizsa and Region TISZK Nonprofit Ltd. Took part in the project along with the leading partner, Umweltbildung Vienna.

Project implementation period: 1 January 2013 – 31 December 2014.

The project’s aim is to preserve the biological diversity of the Austrian and West Pannon region with the help of the modern environmental educational tools. During the two-year program the public education is helped at all levels, in learning, gaining experience, training, forums, using professional networks. Participants can implement their knowledge in practice during the training camps in Csömödér and “Camp Lobau National Park” in Vienna. The FRESH AIR wants to develop related environmental education programs in Western North America using a network of “Green nurseries”. Part of the developed methodology will be a video presenting the experience which will function as an illustrative and pedagogical aid in the method’s takeover.