Consulting office

Opened KEOP-6.1.0/B/11-2011-0101 Ranges Green Aspect Retail Consulting, within the framework of Environment and Operational Program.

During the project, the following activities were implemented:

During implementation, the office shoppers could receive personal advice on the different sustainable areas and had the opportunity to see and try out awareness-raising tools described in the office.  In the preschool and school occupations, the theme of events to be held within months and helped the development of environmentally conscious behavior among children.



e During the project, in addition to general activities we held 5 times theme months too. Within eac

h theme month related to the given topic various events and competitions were organized working closely with the Environmental Protection Association and the Károly Kaán Zalaerdő Zrt. In the competitions the children were given quizzes related to the topic month and were given awareness-raising tasks with the goal of environmental awareness to develop at a very young age. The Green Aspect Consulting was taking part in more events of the city, such as Dödölle Festival, Dragon Boat Festival or City Day, where the target group was acquainted with some of the tools presented in the office and they could ask questions about the different areas of sustainability from our technicians.

Although the office has moved, we continue our activities in the Incubator House in Nagykanizsa.

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