LENA- Learning in Nature

The LENA ( project, deals with environmental education and sustainable education in Austria and Hungary under the cross-border program. The lead partner is The Austrian Umweltbildung Vienna ( , from the Hungarian side the County of Nagykanizsa and the Hungarian Association for Environmental Education participates. During the project, there are opportunities in a variety of programs for the West Pannon students to have direct contact with nature, environmental educators and with the accompaniment of dedicated professionals. The so called “Green Days in Vienna”,  “Green Week in Vienna” and  “DanubeTeens” take place in the near Vienna CampLobau National Park. The EuroTeens events are held in the town of Csömödér, in a renovated hostel. The project is an important pillar for professional experience in the forest and the development of environmental education and Eco-Train methodologies, which provide the basic infrastructure and natural woodland surroundings and Obornak and Csömödér forest railway.